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  MEDAIR LCD display and light touch control panel... for user easy set up their program  
  The large LCD display panel on machine top, which can show us not only the machine status, user can easy to set up their own style program more convenience.  


MEDAIR Programming

With the style and advance design, MEDAIR light touch display and control panel bring you convenience to set up the machine operation program with your own style and needs. Unlike other air purifiers provide on market with timer for machine off only. MEDAIR humanization design let you…

Set time for machine On


Before you entry the room, MEDAIR has help you to clean up the area. Customer can set the machine to function automatically. E.g. You get back to office at 9:00am, you can set the machine start works at 8:00am to provide the best indoor air quality to all user.

Set time for machine Off


Never forget to power off the machine, MEDAIR will stop function automatically. Set time from 1 minute to 23 hrs 59 minutes available

Select UV Lamp On/Off


User can select On or Off the LED UV Lamp

Select Clock On/Off


User can select On or Off the machine Clock

Clock setting


User can easy to set up the time on machine Clock

Select Plasma Ion On/Off


User can select On or Off the Plasma Ion generation

Select fan speed 1,2,3,4,5 Auto


5 different air flow speed with 1 Auto mode can be selected. Speed 1: Sleep Mode / Speed 5: Turbo Mode

Cleaning Reminder


Cleaning Reminder Icon display on the LCD after machine operated around 500 hours

Detect air quality and speed up machine automatically


Auto Mode: The 2 machine indoor air quality sensors (Dust and Odor) will detect the indoor air quality level continuously, program will direct the machine speed up the fan to make faster to clean up the room, then the fan will slow down automatically when the polluted air has been purified.

Set max. 4 period of time to On/Off within 24 hours


To suit for different user requirement, MEDAIR can be set up max. 4 different time period to function On / Off the machine within 24 hour. E.g. 8:00am On, 1:00pm Off, then 2:00pm On, 6:00pm Off etc…

Memory the program setting


The user friendly design of MEDAIR program, user can memory the machine UV On/Off, Plasma Ion On/Off and fan speed setting for each time of machine On.

Program Holiday: Hold up and release machine program


For long holiday, user can easy to hold up all machine program to make the machine totally stop function, user can easy to release back after your holiday but no need to re-set again.

Check out machine operated time


Accumulated time of the machine operated can be easy check out and re-set to “0” after machine cleaning or parts replacement

Check out PM2.5 Level


The advance development of the MEDAIR machine sensor and program, user can easy check out the real time PM2.5 level in the room, it make user more understand your existing air quality situation, combine with the machine Auto Mode function, MEDAIR will speed up the fan and clean up the room automatically.

Cleaning remind indication


With the factory setting, a Cleaning Icon will display on the LCD after machine operated with 500 hours

Set disconnect the EP filtration chamber


As a safety purpose design, user can select ONLY power off the Electrostatic Precipitator Chamber (EP) for ElectroMed, the machine fan is still on functioning. Which design can let user to totally dry up the EP chamber (after cleaning) when put back into the machine. (Remarks: please make sure the EP chamber is totally dry up before power on the EP function back. Otherwise the high voltage design of the EP may damage the machine).




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